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[Los Angeles, CA] Sunday December 11, 2011 Knight Ware Inc. Tundras, FOW's, ... $20

[Los Angeles, CA] Sunday December 11, 2011 Knight Ware Inc. Tundras, FOW's, ... $20

Knight Ware Inc in Studio City, CA is holding a Sanctioned Legacy tournament on Sunday December 11, 2011 at 1:00 PM

This will be one of our Fixed Prize Legacy events.
Start time will be 1:00 PM and REL will be Competitive

Kevin Long (L1) has agreed to head judge
If anyone else wants to help floor judge, please contact me

Entry Fee $20 if paid before 12:30 PM (we open at 11 am)
after 12:30 PM $25
I have seats / table space for 70 players.
Please show up early if you can

Prize Pool
(click on picture to see a larger one)

2X Tundra (EX)
2X Force of Will (NM/MINT)
2X Dark Confidant (1 Russian NM-, 1 EX+ English)
1X Tropical Island (EX-)
4X Aether Vial (EX/NM)
2X Phyrexian Dreadnought (NM)
1X Tarmogoyf (NM/NM-)
3X Polluted Delta (2 EX, 1 EX- and signed)
3X Flooded Strand (all signed 2 EX,. 1 EX+)
1X DCI Wooded Foothills (NM)
3X Grim Monolith (EX)
2X Wasteland (EX)
1X Jace, the Mind Sculptor (EX+)

Prizes will be based on attendance
8-24 people prizes to top 4 only (we may do a swiss + 1 at this level)
25-32 people prizes to top 8
33-40 top 9
41-45 top 10
46-49 top 10 and 1 random
50+ top 10 and 2 randoms

Knight Ware Inc.
3709 Cahuenga Blvd. West
Studio City, CA. 91604
(818) 769-7830

Sunday December 11, 2011
Store opens at 11 AM
Registration anytime after that and before 1:00 PM
(casual play before the tourney is most welcome, bring your EDH, vintage, etc.)
Tournament at 1:00 PM
Entry Fee $20 if paid before 12:30 PM (we open at 11 am)
[b]after 12:30 PM $25

REL is Competitive
Decklists Required
8-24 players, we may do a swiss + 1 with no cut
25-32 players, 5 rounds cut T8
33-64 players 6 rounds cut T8
65-71 players 7 rounds cut T8
first place, first pick, second place, second pick and so on
WER (Wizards Event Reporter) standings just prior to the cut will be used to determine 3rd/4th and 5th-8th

Parking is the main reason most of our larger events are on Sundays•Behind the store there are numbered spaces.
Knight Ware has spaces 9, 10, and 11
on Sundays, 2 of our 3 neighbors are usually closed
Sun Cafe (spaces 7 and 8 - the ones on either side of the telephone pole)
is now open on Sunday, please don’t park there

The streets are metered but not checked on sundays
The first street to the west of us is Lankersheim Blvd..
On Lankersheim to the south there is unregulated street parking
Just west of Lankersheim (north side of the street) is an open lot that says
additional MTA parking. It does not get used much on the weekends
unless the hollywood bowl is running something and then there should be signs

any questions, post, call or email me


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